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imageComing Soon! Client self service! We're professionals dedicated to making our clients look and sound good, with a primary focus on telephone media. While we've seen many changes in media recently, Advertel's business philosophy has remained the same. Provide a service that proves invaluable to our clients, at a quality level and cost not easily achieved by any other means.

We're excited about all these new features and are working hard to introduce them as quickly as possible. Clients should watch their email for notification when they can return to this portion of our website and have fun!

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To request changes to an existing TeleBranding™ service, request a call back during normal business hours (ET), receive a copy of your current announcer script (specify fax/e-mail), or audition music/voices, subscribers may click here!

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Include the names and contact numbers of the business associates you work with, that could benefit by one or more of our TeleBranding™ services. You will receive a minimum of $100 for any referral that results in a new subscriber. Our new client referral program pays you...all the while you're helping your friends!

Save even more off your renewal! Send us a picture showing that your official ADS-ON-HOLD® window decal is currently being displayed in your company's window/door, and we'll deduct $100 off your renewal invoice! You may repeat this process each time you renew! Don't have an ADS-ON-HOLD® window decal? Ask us, and we'll send one right away! (Current subscribers only.)

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