Your phone is probably ringing right now.

Let every call you receive be a reminder to put...


More than anything, this sets us apart from the rest!
imageThere is no cost or obligation for this service. The results of our analysis will amaze you! Your finished report (HTA) will contain listening audience estimates similar to those used to measure radio and television audiences. You'll get estimates of CUME, REACH, FREQUENCY, and COST PER THOUSAND (CPM).

Advertel's Holdtime Analysis™ is the only one of its kind in the world, and it provides a proven accurate profile of your telephone listening audience, along with specific recommendations for an appropriately sized on-hold message program, based on your company's own call traffic data.

The risk you run in not employing the correct length of production, musical interlude, and regular schedule of updates, is playing far too much repetition to frequent, repeat callers. This is a known cause of premature caller abandonment—and lost sales!

If your intent is to provide a soothing, informative and engaging experience for callers, then you've got to take a proactive approach to understanding your company's call traffic. That is what a Holdtime Analysis™ from Advertel does, and it is free!

CAUTION: You may be overwhelmed to see the results of your company's Holdtime Analysis™. No one has ever asked these questions before, so no one else knows the magnitude of your telephone listening audience. It just may be your largest, most cost-effective advertising medium, and it's literally right under your nose!  



Step A.  Sample Sizeimage
If your organization only has one (1) location, skip this step. For multiple locations, group them into three (3) categories:

1.  Tell us how many locations fit into each category. The total of all three categories should equal the total number of locations. By whatever measure you use to determine sample size, be sure to maintain the same criteria for each sample. In other words, be consistent. If you use sales volume, make sure this is the same measurement for each location: small, medium and large. If you use call volume, compare all locations with this method, instead.

2.  Next, pick a representative location for each sample size. Only one (1) location is needed for each size (three total). Provide a contact name and phone number for each representative location, and let them know to expect Advertel to contact them for more information. To more fully understand the type of information we'll need, please refer to the next step.


Step B.  Phone Interviewimage
Ideally, we should conduct the phone interview with an individual whose job it has been to answer the main inbound phone number for at least a year. Sometimes, we've got to interview several individuals, especially if someone other than your phone receptionist oversees your phone system's call accounting package (if any).

Each phone interview lasts only 15-20 minutes, and it consists of several questions regarding the way calls are answered, transferred, and messages taken. No confidential or proprietary information is requested, nor are your results shared with any other company or individual.


Step C.  Review the Resultsimage
Like every good analysis, the information gleaned is only as good as your understanding of the data. This is why we recommend reviewing the details of your HTA™ with a qualified telephone media specialist from Advertel. Subsequent to the phone interview (Step B), you will be contacted by phone to review the results of your HTA™.


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