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imagePut Your Best Voice Forward!  Let Advertel's professional announcers develop your phone system voice prompts!
(...and not "Ethel" from accounting.)

Typical telephone voice prompts—not professionally scripted or recorded—usually sound like this:

"Thanks fer cahling.
Yer cahl will be ansehed in the orda rehceived..."

If your company's automated telephone equipment sounds similar to this, consider adopting a different approach. Refitting your system with VoiceTrax®, delivers—in many cases—same day results!

For firms with auto-attendant, voicemail, automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), and fax on-demand, the solution is simple:

  • VoiceTrax® voice prompts provide exceptional announcer quality your callers will notice right away!

  • Immediately, callers will know they've reached a quality company!

imageimage   Listen to some initial VoiceTrax® "gateways":

imageAlmost immediately, callers comment positively about the new recording they've just heard, and many of them—with their pocket book!  Imagine being able to see instant results! Try that with any other type of advertising!

Some callers will say, "Hey, you've got a new phone system!" (even when it's still your old phone system—playing new voice prompts.)  The nicest thing about VoiceTrax® is, everything sounds "new" again...even when it's not!

VoiceTrax® recordings are ordered by the "recorded minute." If your recording exceeds 1-minute, but less than two, you'll be billed for two full minutes. So, it's best to include all the voice prompts you're likely to need throughout the year, and group them together in a single production.

Plus, recording all of them on the same day is your best assurance they'll have equal "cadence." Even the exact same announcer will sound slightly different when making subsquent recordings.

Ask us for details.


imageHERE'S HOW EASY AND AFFORDABLE IT IS TO REFIT YOUR PHONE SYSTEM WITH VOICETRAX®imageFIRST: Decide which/how many voice prompts you want to refit. Add up the time required for all the prompts. (i.e., 12 prompts @ 10-seconds each = 2 minutes. That's two @ $195 per recorded minute.) imageBe sure to include:

  • DAYTIME AUTO-ATTENDANT—These are the greetings that prompt callers to make a selection (Press [1] for this, [2] for that.).

  • NIGHTTIME AUTO-ATTENDANT—These are the greetings that prompt callers to leave a message in the person or department voicemail of their choice.

  • HOLIDAY AUTO-ATTENDANT—These greetings can be for open or close hours (depending on the configuration of your system), with specific reference to the holiday.

  • AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTOR—ACD greetings are used on systems that operate a hunt group. "Your call will be answered in the order it was received...." 

  • INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE—IVR greetings are used on systems that present or collect caller data, utilizing a information database (bank-by-phone, payment center, online order, etc.)

  • OTHER LOCATIONS—It's important to maintain a consistent quality with every call you receive, no matter which location receives the call.

imageSECOND: Submit a rough script, and leave the rest to us!  We will submit an exact quote in advance of the recording, complete with all the following:image

Advertel's expert scriptwriters will offer suggestions on how to improve your scripts, as well as assemble them in an easy-to-read format. We'll make sure your script passes some time-tested, user-friendly protocols:

  • SHORT, TO THE POINT—an economy of words! Why take more time to say, essentially, the same thing. We'll offer suggestions on how to make your prompts clear, understandable, and concise.

  • LOGICAL PROGRESSION—No matter the industry, people generally think the same way. We'll recommend an order that makes sense to us. (We're coming from the same objectiver perspective as your callers.)

  • GATEWAY GREETING—No matter how the rest of your telephone presentation goes, if the initial impression delivered is less than desirable, callers may not stay on the line long enough to place an order. That's why we generally recommend a powerful "gateway" to your telephone. The first recording callers hear, 3-5 seconds, is all it takes to say (in so many words,) that you're a reputable company.

  • ANNOUNCER CASTING—Advertel employs a variety of talented, experienced announcers, both male/female. And, we offer translation services in virtually every worldwide language.

  • HUGE SOUND EFFECT LIBRARY—Got an important point to convey? Give it impact with sound effects and/or musical emphasis. Advertel will recommend several options to choose from.

Then, depending on the telephone equipment you use (make/model), Advertel can also assist you with uploading your new VoiceTrax® recordings using the best upload method available.

  • FILE TRANSFER (DIGITAL)—if available, this provides the cleanest method for uploading new recording onto your phone system, similar to the "system prompts" provided by the equipment manufacturer. Not all phone systems allow access to their audio file storage area.  Others, "hide" files by making their naming regimen cryptic and difficult to locate. But, Advertel has successfully uploaded many recordings on many of these diffficult systems, too.

    In either case, Advertel can deliver virtually any file format (.mp3, .wav, .vox, rhetorix, etc.), in a number of different media forms (CD, floppy disc, email attachment, etc.)

  • LOCAL FILE UPLOAD (ANALOG)—Most phone systems expect you to pick up your phone (connected to the system), dial into the programming area of the system, and simply "speak" the voiceprompts. Using this same technique, we can show you how to upload recordings over the phone, locally, with the best possible sound quality using this traditional analog method. (Connection to your phone may require an audio adapter. You will also need an external media source, i.e., laptop, CD player, cassette player, or the like.)

  • REMOTE FILE UPLOAD (ANALOG)—The same technique above is generally available, remotely, direct from our studio, over phoneline, and into your phone. This upload technique generally produces the least sound quality due to line degradation. Providing additional equalization on the line can often provide acceptable results.

Ask us for details.


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