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Happy Phone Calls—Start Here!™


This is where 'Happy Calls' started. As far back as the 1980's, businesses throughout North America called upon

ADS-ON-HOLD® to appease, inform and entertain captive audiences on-hold, for virtually every industry and business size. Small businesses need to sound big to remain competitive. Large business need to, frankly, sound their size. Over the phone, all businesses sound the same...unless they put ADS-ON-HOLD®!


Nearly 4-decades and millions of listeners later, ADS-ON-HOLD® is still ranked #1:


   Sample Montage   Client Testimonial   33.3 Year Promo   Expert Recommendation

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Testimonials Give You the Competitive Edge!


Marketers agree, positive customer testimonials offer a competitive edge to the business who updates them on a regular basis. Many businesses have already discovered the benefits of social media, and "written" customer testimonials.


But, "spoken" testimonials are far more powerful than the "written" ones. Therefore, recorded customer audio testimonials are the best! Problem is, how to get them—or present them? Advertel answers both questions simply with FeedBax®:


   Car Dealer-#1 Car Dealer-#2  • Pizza  • HVAC  • Restaurant  • Phone Login Sample

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Are You Employing Q-R Codes in Your Business?!


Why the heck not? American companies fall far short of Europeans in their use of Q-R codes. There are so many ways to incorporate Q-R codes into a marketing plan that's both effective and entertaining!


Virtually every product and service should have its own Q-R code that answers FAQ, boasts advantages, solicits/presents customer FeedBax®, and so much more!


Here are just a few Quick Recommendations:


   Easy-Q's Car-Q's  • Product-Q's  • People-Q's  • Fast-Q's  • Thank-Q's


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'TeleBranding' Your Calls Into 'Happy Calls!"


It only took us 30-years to put into words the real reason why businesses should apply proven "TeleBranding" protocols to their telephone media. Without it, every business sounds the same—awful! Who wants to listen to poor choices, repetitive hold messages, and bad sound quality?


Enter "TeleBranding" by Advertel: "Happy Phone Calls—Start Here!"  Developing all pre-recorded portions of the call to better portray the quality of your organization, and the needs of the caller. After only 3-5 seconds, callers "know" they've reached a quality organization:


   YouTube Video Bank  • Insurance  • Pizza  • Transportation  • Water Park

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"Solemnity Marketing Services" for the Funeral Industry


Few cemeteries and funeral homes have new technology mixed into their marketing plans. Consequently, they're losing market share to those who do.


Advertel's innovative Solemnity Marketing Services totally upgrades the family-centered experience. Proud media partner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Learn all that's new and exciting at  Because Memories Don't Have to Die.™


   Prayer-in-the-Air  • Quick Remembrance  • Fondest Memory  • SayMyGoodbye  

                    • ToursByPhone    • CemQuest     • Solemnity On-hold

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Does your Web and Phone Work in Tandem?


We didn't think so, either. But, they could—and they should. You'd get so much more mileage out of each media form if they worked togther. Customers find you on the web. But, they continue their business with you over the phone. Does your phone portray the same image as your website? Do they use the same terminolgy, options, and branding?


Advertel can "Harmonize" both so they support one-another. Create Brand Harmony™ with Advertel's Total Web/Phone Integration Services.


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