Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can putting ADS-ON-HOLD® improve my business?

A: Your hold button plays host to virtually everyone your company does business with. It just may be your most powerful marketing tool!

How professional a business sounds over the phone is a direct reflection on how successful it'll become. Maintaining a positive public image is crucial as new business is negotiated—as well as through the continuing service of existing customers. Don't forget, your customers are your competitors target prospects! Time callers spend on-hold presents an excellent branding and marketing opportunity. It sets the tone of all inbound calls, and steers the perception these callers will receive, reminding them of the reasons why they chose to call your business in the first place.

ADS-ON-HOLD® is a powerful "point-of-purchase" advertising medium that's easy to use, cost-effective, perfectly targeted, and for 25-years, a proven response generator! Using ADS-ON-HOLD® helps maintain a positive public image, creates brand consistency over the phone, relaxes complaining callers, and gently recommends additional products and services.

Q: We already have something playing on-hold. Why should we change?

A: While something is better than nothing, a genuine ADS-ON-HOLD® is proven effective at serving the marketing needs of businesses of every size and industry.

Ever wonder why some radio stations are more successful in the marketplace than others—even when playing the same music? It's how well the station understands and responds to their audience that makes the difference. The same can be said for on-hold programming. Only ADS-ON-HOLD® by Advertel has demonstrated an ability to measure the telephone audience—the way broadcasters do! With our exclusive Holdtime Analysis™ (HTA), ADS-ON-HOLD® can accurately predict the type and size of on-hold program needed to keep it sounding "fresh and new," even for frequent repeat callers.

For firms playing elevator music, callers may be appeased, but playing music only, does very little toward developing a positive public image. Since ADS-ON-HOLD® is cusom written and produced for each subscriber, it can be programmed to address a variety of issues that are important to you. If playing a radio station is your solution, not only does it require licensing by ASCAP SESAC, and BMI, it relegates your programming to a complete stranger (the radio station) with little or no input by you. At some point, you're likely to unintentionally play something that's not consistent with your company's image—directly into your customers' ears.

ADS-ON-HOLD®'s programming is exactly matched to the needs and desires of your company, at a cost that's typically pennies a call—or less.

Q: How does ADS-ON-HOLD® work? Where does it connect?

A: Phone systems with the music on-hold feature built in are easily connected.

ADS-ON-HOLD® players connect to a phone syetm music on-hold (MOH) input. Some systems are not clearly marked, so you might have to ask your telephone equipment vendor where to connect the player, but the vast majority are easily installed. Advertel's customer service technicians are available during normal business hours (EST), for telephone technical suppport, as needed.

Every call placed on-hold will hear ADS-ON-HOLD®, no matter what line or phone used. In many cases, systems with voicemail and/or auto-attendant will also play ADS-ON-HOLD® during transfer and ring times.

Q: Will ADS-ON-HOLD® work on all my phones?

A: Your phone system provides the means for ADS-ON-HOLD® to be heard over the hold button.

We simply provide the player and recordings. What's connected to the music on-hold (MOH) input of your phone system will be heard, at random, no matter where the call or by whom the call is placed on-hold.

Q: What kind of player device will I receive? Cassette? CD? Other?

A: ADS-ON-HOLD® works equally well with a variety of digital players.

We're not limited to one type of on-hold player. Each has its own specific benefits that may make one variety more appropriate to your application than another. Depending on your needs, we may supply a digital player that uitlizes new flash technology, in which case you will receive your recordings by email, or on a proprietary "chip" that arrives by regular mail.

Some ADS-ON-HOLD® subscribers prefer to use their own players which may employ the use of everyday audio cassettes or CDs. We currently support these, as well as several other forms of audio media. But, be sure to ask us how you can utilize one of our state-of-the-art digital on-hold players—at no additional charge!

Q: Can I play different messages in different departments of my company?

A: Not easily.

Because ADS-ON-HOLD® “typically” rides on the phone system’s music on-hold input, you’re limited to the number of MOH inputs your phone system has. However, ask your Advertel representative to explain how there may be acceptable alternatives to the typical installation that can provide this exception!

Q: How long does it take to receive our first ADS-ON-HOLD® custom production?

A: Typically, 2-3 weeks.

This depends on how quickly rough information is supplied to us, and how quickly we can please you with an announcer script in written form. After we receive script approval, your production is usually delivered within 5-7 days. Sometimes, as quickly as next day.

Q: Are there payment terms?

A: Yes. You have five (5) payment options:

  1. Pay in advance. Take a 2.0% discount for full prepayment.

  2. Pay 50% with order, 50% upon receipt of 1st custom production, or 30 days, whichever occurs first.

  3. Take up to 4-months to pay! Pay at least 25% each month for up to four months. A service charge of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance will be added to your balance.

  4. Use your VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card for the entire purchase. S-t-r-e-t-c-h your payments out in accordance with your charge card payment plan.

  5. NEW! FOR A LIMITED TIME, NO PAYMENT UNTIL 2008! Pay monthly—by signing up for our regular monthly payment option. Minimum $1,000 purchase applies.

Q: What happens at the end of my ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription?

A: This is important to remember; make a note on your calendar. You have three (3) options:

  1. Do nothing and your ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription will automatically renew for the same number of new productions, for a consecutive subscription period, and at the same rate. Allowing your subscription to auto-renew each time, virtually eliminates the chance of a price increase!

  2. Contact us before 60-days prior to your expiration date to notify us that you prefer not to auto-renew. Instead, you choose to:

    a. Renew for a different number of new productions. Current rates will apply.

    b. Renew for a “Maintenance Only Program” (no new productions) for a subsequent subscription period. (Generally our lowest rate available!)

    c. Not to renew, but instead, purchase your playback equipment and productions through our ADS-ON-HOLD®—to—HOLD,PLEASE’rs® ownership program.

    d. Exersize option #3, below.

  3. Return your playback equipment and all productions in good condition, and owe nothing more.

Q: Will I be licensed to play ADS-ON-HOLD® music over my hold button?

A: Advertel issues a site licence for all ADS-ON-HOLD® subscribers.

In addition, each subscriber receives a site license window decal, proudly signifying that all applicable use-rights and privileges granted to Advertel by the authors, musicians, studio engineers and their agents, have been likewise extended to include our subscriber locations for the duration of their subscription.