About Advertel, Inc.

By definition, Advertel is an ad agency. We operate much like an ad agency. Many of us have worked at the ad agency level through our career.

Some of us come from media (radio, TV, newspaper), yet others have roots in telecommunications.

If you walk through our halls, you'll see cubicles, offices, conference rooms, IT/engineering department, recording studios, and production/distribution facilities.

In this respect, we may also resemble a radio station, except no transmitter.

We're professionals dedicated to making our clients look and sound good, with a primary focus on telephone media.

While we've seen many changes in media recently, Advertel's business philosophy has remained the same.

Provide a service that proves invaluable to our clients, at a quality level and cost not easily achieved by any other means.

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Our History

Picture of Paul Beran President/CEO Advertel

ADS-ON-HOLD® was founded in 1983 by Advertel president/CEO, Paul Beran, as an adjunct to a full service ad agency.

Advertel, Inc. was founded in 1994, a/k/a Bellmedia Corp, on the same principles as
ADS-ON-HOLD®, but created with the intent to build a more comprehensive telephone media agency—featuring more than just on-hold messages.

Our Future

Advertel is continuously looking for ways to streamline the production process, yet maintain a high level of variety and quality.

We know clients' availability is limited—and getting stretched more tightly as time goes on.

Ideally, Advertel would like to serve as "alternative media" ad agency of record for our clients.

To offer web, phone, and on-site "kiosk" based media—in coordinated fashion—whereas changes to all three can be affected quickly and easily with the touch of a button.

We believe clients are moving more toward individual private electronic networks in the future, and Advertel will be there to help.