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Moments in Time™

Year: 1979  (1:31)
Flashing back to the fantastic year of "Black & Gold," when in the same year, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series, and the Pitsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl!  

ADS-ON-HOLD® is proud to include authentic soundites from historic moments in history and sports in our subscribers' on-hold production! 
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Automotive After-market
"Not Just Parts...!"  (1:15)

Showcasing Advertel's experienced acting talent—highlight important copy points in your next custom ADS-ON-HOLD® production with memorable personality and attitude.

Let your Advertel representative explore ways to include the talent of Diatribe™ Players in your next custom ADS-ON-HOLD® production—at no extra cost!


Right on the Button!™"  (1:03)
Co-anchored by radio personalities: Susie Barbour and Ford Shankle, this unique news magazine program features celebrity interviews, top 10 lists, and timeless commentary.

Hold Magazine™ segments are roughly 90-seconds in length and can be used separately as "vignettes," or strung together to form a full-length program. Hear more samples below.

image HoldGems™ Partial List
Decades of archives...with more being produced every month!

Use with any size ADS-ON-HOLD® subscription—at no extra cost!
Please select your prefered HoldGems™ style from these edited samples.
Each time you receive a new ADS-ON-HOLD® production,
you will receive a new full-length HoldGems™ selection from the same style.

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FLASHBACK-1968  (1:55)
Spellbound callers will be taken back to the historic moment when Senator Bobby Kennedy was shot. Contains actual news footage from the scene as well as a heart felt epitaph by brother, Senator Edward Kennedy.

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FLASHBACK-1961  (1:51)
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" This Innaugural highlight, perhaps one of the most enlightened speeches of all time, is included in this Flashback moment.

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FLASHBACK-1984  (1:27)
An Olympic year, this Flashback takes us to the incredible moment when little Mary Lou Retton won a "Perfect 10" for the United States, featuring actual news coverage accounts.
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Swimsuit Edition  (2:58)
Features a celebrity interview from NBC's scantilly clad "Baywatch," comical survey of people you'd least like to see in a bikini, and several other "heated" summer discussions.

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"Fast Track" Edition  (3:00)

Fast-paced discussion on matters at work, on the race course, and on a traditional wooden roller coaster!

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Music & Entertainment Edition  (3:00)

Timeless interviews with Richard Berry (Louie, Louie) and several other musical greats including, now deceased,
Eddie Rabbit.

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"A Bug's Life" (1:31)

This Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar masterpiece stars Kevin Spacy, Phyllis Diller and Julian Louise Dreyfus. This Hollywood memory includes actor commentary, movie sound-bites and some of the best music from Grammy Award winner, Randy Newman.

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"Shakespeare in Love" (1:32)

From Miramax Films and Universal Pictures, this epoc film stars Gwenneth Palko, Joseph Fines, Colin Firth and Ben Aflack. This Hollywood memory attempts to portray all the romance portrayed by this timeless love story.

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"Gone With the Wind" (1:31)

The greatest epoc love story of all time, from New Line Cinema, "Gone With the Wind" is said to be America's most loved movie. Filled with memorable quotes and award wining music, this Hollywood memory features the voices of Clark Gable and Vivian Lee.
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New Car  (1:15)

Telling us how they 'really' feel, this FeedBax actuary was captured by new car customers prior to leaving the showroom.

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Sit-down Restaurant  (1:15)

Just having completed their fabulous sit-down meal, these customers volunteer a colorful description of their culinary experience.

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Heating/Cooling  (0:26)

Ever wonder how customers feel about their new furnace or air conditioner? Here's one customer testimonial that tells it like it is!
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Movie Trivia  (1:30)

Can you guess the actress who said...? Using authentic movie soundbites, this collection of fun movie trivia can be used to capture caller attention, right before they hear your important information.

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Advertising Trivia  (1:30)

Do you remember when...? There's nothing more memorable than advertising jingles or slogans from days gone by. Test your memory on these gems, then sit back and listen to the message the on-hold subscriber really wants you to remember!
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Music Trivia  (1:30)

Taking a stroll down musical memory lane, this collection will really get your toes tapping, while at the same time, let you focus on the important details of your host's hold message.

imageYour actual HoldGems™ selection may not precisely match these examples. Your selection may need to be edited slightly for timing and fit. Ask your Advertel representative to hear the latest tracks available in any of these formats. Advertel adds new HoldGems™ to its library every month!

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